Wooden Camera 220600 Cable-less V-Mount (Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven)

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Weight:          341g

Dimensions: 142mm x 85mm x 33mm

2 x D-Tap ports for accessory power

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Cable-less V-Mount system for the RED Weapon, Scarlet-W, Raven cameras which utilizes an IDX brand plate with two D-Taps and the Wooden Camera pogo interface module. The assembly will attach without tools directly to the back of the RED Weapon/Scarlet-W/Raven camera, Base Expander Module, REDVolt Expander Module, and some third party modules like OMODs.

This system can be converted between high and low modesHigh mode is where the battery plate sits above the back of the camera. Low mode is where the plate is configured to be flush with the top of the camera body leaving batteries in a very compact configuration. An important note is that the RED DSMC2 top handle will clear RED Brick batteries when our Cable-less V-Mount plate is configured in low mode.

The Cable-less V-Mount will communicate percentage or voltage data to the camera's LCD display. Intelligent batteries like RED Bricks, Blueshape, Switronix, PAG, and other batteries utilizing SMBUS or reversed SMBUS will allow for the module to communicate percentage data and estimated run time. Non-SMBUS batteries like some IDX and other low cost batteries will only provide voltage data to the camera through our module. Special note: for PAG batteries, they must be put into RED mode by pushing the top button once, then push again a second time and hold until the top two LEDs on the ring are illuminated.

  • Wooden Camera Cable-Less V-Mount Power Plate with 2x D-Tap Ports
  • Wooden Camera 1 Year Limited Warranty