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Dragon Image Studios offers video and photo studio hire in Melbourne

Searching a studio for rent in Melbourne? Think only of Dragon Image

We offer our photography, film and television clients affordable video and photo studio hire in Melbourne. Our location is convenient and easy to find, just off Hoddle St Collingwood and close to the CBD. We have a wide range of video and photo studio hire options to choose from, and a wide range of facilities for your convenience. Our studios may be hired for a full day, or just half a day.

If you have any queries related to our green screen studio in Melbourne or renting our Melbourne photography studio – do not hesitate, contact us today. Our team will be glad to assist you.

Check out our contact page and you will get all the important details pertaining to our three different locations – Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

We have a customer friendly and professional team to address all your queries and ensure that you always have a pleasant experience, whenever you interact with us. Feel free to drop by any one of our stores. We will be delighted to see you.

Studio 1 and 2 are subjected to a $180 charge for repainting in the case that the floor paint are returned damaged.

Studio 1: Full Egg Cyclorama

Studio Dimensions: 15m X 7m x 4m

Full Day Weekday: $850
Half Day Weekday: $750


Our large Studio 1 features a 4 metre high, dual wall, cyclorama white studio of 15 by 8 metres allowing you to shoot everything from a furniture display set up to a limousine. The entrance to the studio is 3 metres wide, ensuring you can fit all your equipment through.

Studio 2: Chroma Key Studio

Studio Dimensions: 6m X 8m x 4m

Full Day Weekday: $800

Half Day Weekday: $700


When you choose our large Chroma Key video studio rental you will get a green screen studio that is perfect for video production. It features a 4 metre high, dual wall, sound treated, cyclorama green screen of 6 by 8 metres. The size of the studio allows you to shoot almost anything, and the quality of the green screen makes production a breeze. This quality Chroma Key video studio rental also includes the use of our overhead daylight balanced fluorescent lighting grid. However, if you require more equipment for your shoot, there are many hire options available that can be added to the Chroma Key video studio rental.

Studio 4: Single Wall Cyclorama

Studio Dimensions 7m X 4m x 4m

Full Day Weekday: $500
Half Day Weekday: $450


If you are after a smaller video and photo studio hire in Melbourne our Studio 4: Single Wall features a 4 metre high wall, single wall, white cyclorama studio of 12 by 7 metres. This is a great studio which will work wonders if you are on a tight budget. (note that this studio is a portion of Studio 1, both cannot be hired at the same time

Studio Hire Opening Hours

Our video and photo studio hire in Melbourne is available to you from 9am till 5.30pm on weekdays inclusive of bump in and bump out time. Full day rates are based on a 8 hour working day from 9am till 5.30pm and half day rates are based on a 4 hour period from either 9am till 12pm or 1pm till 5pm. Early starts are charged at $120 per hour before 8am. Overtime is charged at $120 per hour from 5pm till 10pm, after 10pm the rate begins at $360 per hour.

Included in Studio Hire

With our video and photo studio hire you get:

On-site free parking.

Use of private makeup and change area

Private lounge area for cast, crew and guests

Water, Coffee and tea facilities

Wifi Internet and Ethernet

Kitchenette & Shower

50 Litres of rubbish removal (additional fees apply on excess)

Optional Extras

Studio can be freshly painted on request for an additional charge of $180 for studios 1 - 2 and $120 for studio 4. We require prior notice of 48 hours if you would like the walls to be freshly painted before you commence your video and photo studio hire. for the day.


Equipment Rentals

Dragon Image Australia has a wide range of professional equipment available for short or long term rental.

With our video and photo studio hire you will receive 50% off all your hire equipment for the duration of your studio rental.


For a copy of our equipment rental list and prices please email us at melb@dragonimage.com.au.

Terms and Conditions

The following are the conditions of use of the studios at Dragon Image Studios and form part of the contract between the client and Dragon Image Studios. Dragon Image Studios will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of property of any person using the studios, nor for any property lost by couriers in transit to or from the studios All care will be exercised by Dragon Image Studios in supervising the studios, however all clients are required to make appropriate arrangements to ensure their property is properly secure whilst using the facilities at Dragon Image Studios.

Clients leaving property in the studios, at reception or in the equipment room overnight do so at their own risk and will incur a holding fee of $60 by Dragon Image Studios. Clients are expected to return equipment to their normal position in the studio, pack their equipment up and return it to the equipment room on the trolleys provided and in the condition it was received. Failure to do so will incur additional charges. Clients are advised to ensure that their insurance policy covers them whilst using the facilities at Dragon Image Studios.

Dragon Image Studios does not accept any responsibility for incidents that occur before during or after the hire of the studios that are caused by the improper or misuse of the studios.

Payment for studio hire must be finalised by the end of the studio hire by all non-account holders. For all pre-approved account holders there is a 7-day payment term from the end of studio hire. Interest on all overdue payments will be charged at a rate of 2% per week. Follow up calls for overdue payments may be charged at $20 per call. 

Cancellation Policy

All confirmed video and photo studio hires that are cancelled 24 hours or more prior to the booking, will not incur a cancellation fee. All confirmed bookings that are cancelled within 24 hours of the booking will incur an 100% cancellation fee.  


72-74 Cromwell St, Collingwood VIC, 3066.

t 03 9415 8848

e melb@dragonimage.com.au