Teradek RT Latitude Power Cable 2pin (40cm, r/a to straight)

SKU: 53.11-1379
  • 16" Length Cable
  • RA 4-Pin Hirose to Straight 2-Pin LEMO
  • Connects Power to Latitude MDR Receiver
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LATITUDE Power Cable, LM.0B 2p RA

For Latitude MDR

Power the LATITUDE from 2pin LM.0B, EU type (Pin1=GND) as used by ARRI, RED, etc. Will power the LATITUDE from an ALEXA (12V) and RED (AUX 2-pin). 

Cable Length 40cm. This cable has a right-angled LM connector and colour coded overmold allowing for an easy compact setup.

Cable is wired 1-1, 2-2... So it assumes that the power supply Pin #1 = GND

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