Sachtler Transparent Raincover for Mini DV/HDV Video Camera

  • Quick and Simple Setup

  • Clear Polyurethane for Visible Controls

  • Access Lens, LCD Screen, and Controls

  • Rigid Front Hood Section

  • External 6" ABS Track

Regular price $240.00

The Sachtler SR405 Rain Cover is designed to keep your MiniDV/HDV video camera dry while recording in wet weather. Setup is quick and easy; simply slip the cover over the camcorder. Secure it in place with the hot shoe connector in its rigid front hood section, ensuring that it won't slip down in front of the lens and obscure your shot.

The SR405 is large enough to use with your camera's flip-out LCD screen open. For additional convenience, it has an external 6" ABS track for mounting a mini light. It is made of nylon and clear polyurethane, allowing you to see the camcorder through it.

- One-piece design

- Fast and easy access to camera controls

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