Sachtler Pedestal C l

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  • Payload Capacity: The Pedestal C I can carry a payload of up to 44 lbs (20 kg), over twice its own weight
  • Pneumatic Column: The pedestal is anchored by a pneumatic column. The system works on the principle of compressed air, which acts as a counterweight and shock absorber, allowing seamless adjustments during a shot
  • Air charging with pump
  • Large height range and silent dolly movement
  • Column can be locked in place by brake at any height
  • Optimally adjustable air pressure to balance any camera configuration
  • Fast, fool-free set-up
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The C I combines a tripod with a pneumatic central column. The air pressure inside the central column can be adjusted to suit the exact weight of your configuration, so the camera actually floats on a cushion of air. A brake locks the central column in any position, while a transport latch lets you carry the pedestal safely, even when the central column is under pressure. The maintenance-free central column rests on six ball bearings, two of which can be adjusted to ensure jerk-free motion even after long, intensive shoots. Each bearing is coated with hard rubber to absorb sliding noises.

Flat base for FSB fluid heads, Cine DSLR and DV 10, DV 12, Video 15 with adapter #1030; Video 18 S1/SB/Plus with adapter #3941; features one manually adjusted tripod stage & one 39 cm lift air column; Height range: 68-157.

Recommended for fluid heads FSB, DV 6, DV 8; DV 8/100, DV 10, DV 12, Video 15 (with #1030); Video 18 SB/Plus (with #3941)
Weight 9.2 kg / 20.3 lbs
Payload 20 kg / 44.1 lbs
Height range 68 - 157 cm / 26.8 - 61.8 in
Lift 39 cm / 15.4 in
Clearance 93 cm / 36.6 in
Head fitting flat base
- Sachtler CI Pedestal - Dolly 75
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