Sachtler Multi Disc

SKU: ST-3914

Flat base for DV 8/100, DV 12, DV 15, Video 18/20 III FB and euroadapter on Quickfix, Video 25 Plus FB and Video 60 Plus Studio on to the Pedestal CII,Combi Ped or Vario Ped. 

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flat base for FSB 10, DV 10, DV 12, Video 15-20 III FB and Euroadapter on Quickfix (e. g. on Vario Ped), and Video 25 Plus FB, Cine 30 HD, Video 60 Plus Studio, Video 75 Plus Studio and flat base heads of other manufactures on Vario / Studio Ped, C III and Combi Ped 1-40 (except Video 25 Plus FB)

Diameter: 133mm
Weight: 430g
1 X Sachtler Multi Disc Universal Flat Base Adapter
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