Rycote Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit (LEMO)

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The Rycote 080212 ORTF Windshield Kit consists of an ORTF Modular Suspension (040249), a Stereo AE Windshield (OD 145 mm x Overall length 350 mm), a Stereo AE Windjammer, and a Lemo Stereo Connbox.

The ORTF stereo recording is defined as using a stereo pair of microphones with the capsules spaced 6.7” (17cm) apart, and at an angle of 110° to each other.  The ORTF windshield kit is designed for matched pairs of Schoeps CCM microphones, and consists of a Lyre suspension, a cable clamp, a 145mm Stereo Windshield, and a Windjammer that is large enough to comfortably accommodate the microphones.

A specially designed Rycote mounting adapter bar keeps the microphones at the correct spacing and angle for ORTF recording, and the Lyre suspension and shared windshield combine to provide a solution that is resistant to wind noise and unwanted vibrations such as cable-borne and handling noise. Additionally, the included Rycote Connbox offers protection against cable-borne noise.

Lyre suspensions provide complete isolation against handling noise whilst safely gripping the microphone
The Connbox version isolates and minimizes handling and cable-borne noise

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