Rycote RY065514 Black Lavalier Windjammer

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The Windjammer (Furry) is designed to be used on Lavaliere microphones worn on the outside of clothing.

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To ensure a proper fit we have included an internal removable foam insert. The internal foam is designed to hold many other popular lavaliere microphones and to also provide the air space required to make the Windjammer effective. Included are spare foams. The fur covering is manufactured so that the opening can be stretched to accommodate the microphone and fit snugly around the cable. In some instances, you may prefer to use the windscreen that came with your Lavalier microphone, then it is possible for the foam that we have supplied to be removed and the Lavaliere foam or metal windscreen to be inserted into the Windjammer. Microphone List The following Lavalier (lapel or personal) microphones can be used with the Rycote foam insert placed inside the Windjammer. To assemble, remove the foam and push the microphone into the cross slit before replacing in the Windjammer. Countryman B3 Countryman EMW DPA 4000 series Sennheiser MKE2 Sennheiser MKE102 Sennheiser MKE104 The following microphones can be used with their own provided foam or metal windscreen, then placed inside the Windjammer after removing the Rycote foam insert. Sanken COS 11S Sennheiser MKE40 Sonotrim Sony ECM77 Tram TR50 Voice Technologies VT506 Voice Technologies VT500 Please note: If your microphone does not appear in either of the lists above, please contact us, as we may be able to help

  • Rycote Lavalier Windjammer
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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