Rycote HC-35 Long Shotgun Microphone (35cm)

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The Rycote HC-35 Long Shotgun Microphone combines expert audio technology with high performance to deliver clean sound capture in various applications. Ideal for sports broadcast and location recording, it offers wide-angle shots and effectively rejects loud noises for optimal recording.
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Thanks to its highly directional, hypercardioid polar pattern and long interference tube, the HC-35 reliably attenuates off-axis sound to provide crisp, precise speech and dialog recording. The electret condenser capsule features sophisticated RF shielding to reduce noise and interference from nearby phones and wireless devices. The mic is also surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to target specific sound sources, especially when mounted on windshields or used with classic, softie slip-on wind protection.

Low Self Noise
Rycote microphones can claim one of the lowest self-noise in the market (-8.5 dB) thanks to the high-quality capsule and preamp that positively affect the inherent electronic noise or hiss the mics usually produce.
This low self-noise allows professionals to catch a cleaner and more accurate recordings when recording quiet sounds or working in environments where high-sensitivity is required.

RF Shielding
Extremely efficient RF Shielding is designed into the electronics to make the microphone immune to wireless-transmitter and walkie talkies interference.

Non-Reflective Coating
The black, matte non-reflective coating is a must have for professional location-sound microphones when lighting on the mic surface could glare and distract talents. This non-reflective coating allows boom ops to move freely, especially when in proximity to the talent.

Gold Plated Connection
The XLR connector is gold-plated to prevent corrosion in high-humidity environments or applications with frequent thermal cycling or exposure to corrosive salts or acids. This benefits in the mic's longevity rather than in audio quality.

Durable Materials
The mic's extremely precise capsule design is made of machined aluminum and first-class electronics to ensure the best possible acoustic performance. All components are tested for durability, moisture, and humidity.

One Sonic Signature
All Rycote microphones are built using the same capsule and preamp design. This gives each mic a tonal and sonic signature that makes them cut together seamlessly. This allows sound engineers to benefit from a predictable tonal response to the same voice or sound source resulting in an easier and faster mix&match post-production workflow.

Primary Applications
Broadcast, ENG (Electronic News Gathering), Audio for Video, Location Sound, Field Recording
Form Factor
Shotgun Mic
Intended Sound Sources
Dialogue, Room Ambiance
Sound Field
Element Type
Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern
End Address
High-Pass Filter
Gain Adjustment
On-Board Controls
Frequency Range
25 Hz to 18 kHz
Maximum SPL
133 dB SPL
Off-Axis Rejection
>60 dB
100 Ohms at 1 kHz
Load Impedance
1 Kilohms (Minimum)
55 mV/Pa
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
87 dB A-Weighted (1 kHz)
Equivalent Noise Level
7.5 dB A-Weighted
Analog Output
1x XLR 3-Pin Male (on Mic)
Power Sources
Phantom Power
Operating Voltage
24 to 48 V (Phantom Power)
Mounting Thread Size
No Mount Included
Construction Material
Aluminum, Brass
ø: 0.75 x L: 13.77" / ø: 1.91 x L: 34.98 cm
4.2 oz / 119 g
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