RODE Vlogger Kit Universal


• Complete mobile filmmaking kit

• Directional sound pickup to reduce background noise
• MicroLED light offers over four hours operation on a single charge
• Three-position tripod for handheld or static use
• Gimbal tripod head for accurate camera positioning
• All-metal mount with rubberised grips for phones 65mm to 85mm wide
• Dual cold shoe mount included

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The Universal Vlogger Kit contains everything you need to get professional
results when filming using your mobile phone with a 3.5mm input. The
VideoMicro will vastly improve your audio, delivering crystal-clear, directional
sounds for any application. The SmartGrip secures your device firmly in
place for stable recording and connects seamlessly to the Tripod 2 for either
handheld or tabletop use, while the MicroLED ensures all your shots are
perfectly lit.

In a first for RØDE, the Vlogger Kits have been designed to help vloggers capture incredible video as well as incredible audio. Together, the Tripod 2 and SmartGrip will ensure every shot is stable and perfectly framed, while the MicroLED provides a professional look to any situation. There is also a clip-on diffuser with eight coloured filters for capturing warm skin tones, cool outdoor scenes, and everything in between.

The Vlogger Kits have been specifically designed to vastly improve the look and sound of smartphone content while being incredibly simple to use. Anyone can be vlogging in seconds.

The VideoMic in each Kit plugs directly into a smartphone and connects seamlessly with any recording app. Just plug it in and go. They can also be configured for main or ‘selfie’ camera use for maximum flexibility, and the accessories are quick and easy to set up, ensuring vloggers never miss a moment.

The included accessories are super-versatile, with the ergonomic Tripod 2 supporting both handheld and tabletop use and its gimbal head allowing for flexible positioning. The MicroLED and its diffuser and eight coloured filters ensure vloggers can adapt to any recording environment, with over four hours of operation available on a single charge – more than enough for even the longest vlogs.

The RØDE Vlogger Kits are the perfect all-in-one mobile filmmaking solution for home movie makers, mobile content creators, YouTubers, TikTokers and run ‘n’ gun journalists – anyone who wants to capture unforgettable content that looks and sounds incredible.

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