RED Extended Warranty - KOMODO (6 months to 1 Year after purchase)

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The 2-Year Extended Warranty from RED DIGITAL CINEMA provides an additional two years of warranty coverage and more for your KOMODO 6K camera. This plan also features expedited repairs, free shipping to and from RED headquarters, and premium technical support directly from RED.

This extended warranty is available 6 months to 1 year into your KOMODO 6K's Standard Warranty period. It can be transferred to a new owner when completed with a RED Transfer of Ownership. Each BRAIN is eligible for only one Extended Warranty plan over the life of the BRAIN.


RED KOMODO 6K camera


Eligibility for any warranty service offerings
Extends coverage by one year
Expedited warranty repairs
Free shipping to/from RED headquarters
Premium technical support direct from RED
Transferable to a new owner when completed through a Transfer of Ownership with RED
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