Prompt-It Replacement Glass for iPad


Beamsplitter glass. Suits Prompt-it® Maxi & Lite or buy a piece and build your own teleprompter. Size 300mm x 204mm (suits Maxi & Lite Packages perfectly) Thickness 1/8" 70% silver coated

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Beamsplitter glass for Prompt-it® Maxi and Lite.

  • Size 300mm x 204mm
  • Thickness 1/8"
  • 70% silver coated


This is the perfect size for your Prompt-it® Maxi or Lite.

Our beamsplitter glass is identical to the glass used in pro teleprompters & auto-cue systems.

  • HD compatible
  • High optical quality
  • Mirror coated
  • Anti-reflective coating on opposite side
  • Clean with any glass cleaner - does not require special cleaning products
  • Polished sides so you will not cut yourself

The result of the film/video using this glass will be excellent. An impeccable recorded picture as well as perfectly visible text reflection from your monitor. This is the perfect combination.

This glass is 1/8 thickness, which increases durability & toughness.


All our mirrors are non-refundable. Please ensure this product is what you need before buying.


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