Nanlite PavoTube II 30X 4ft RGBWW LED tube 4KIT

  • Four 4ft PavoTubes
  • Two Power Cables, Two Carry Bags
  • Colour Temp: 2700-12000K, CRI/TLCI: 95/98
  • RGB Mode for a Myriad of Custom Colours
Regular price $2,743.20
The NanLite PavoTube II 30X RGBWW Pixel Tube 4-Light Kit offers an expansive canvas for boundless creative expression. This comprehensive kit comprises four RGBWW PavoTubes, each extending 4ft in length, thoughtfully accompanied by power cords and convenient carrying bags. In this latest iteration of LED tubes, the introduction of pixel control opens up a realm of possibilities for imaginative lighting endeavors. Whether you aim to infuse a vibrant burst of color into your backdrop or cast a specific hue onto your subject, these PavoTubes empower creators with endless variations.

The PavoTubes present versatile dimming capabilities ranging from 0 to 100%, while boasting a maximum brilliance of 2850 lumens at 5600K. Moreover, their repertoire encompasses the entire RGB spectrum, supplemented by pre-programmed special lighting effects. In a display of remarkable adaptability, the tubes' color temperature can be seamlessly adjusted from 2700K to 12000K. The outstanding CRI of 98 and TLCI of 95 further validate these RGB LED tubes as an exceptional choice for diverse studio lighting requirements.

With a spectrum spanning over 360 static light colors within the RGB realm, and the option to orchestrate a spectrum cycling at your preferred pace, the PavoTube 30X unfurls advanced effect modes. This edition houses 15 practical built-in effects, and the innovative pixel feature augments this collection with an additional 10 pixel effects, enriching your lighting possibilities.

Effortless operation is facilitated through user-friendly dials and buttons thoughtfully integrated into the light tubes. The built-in 2.4GHz radio control further augments ease of use, rendering these RGB tube lights effortlessly harmonious with your existing setup, without necessitating extensive preparations. The robust metal housing upgrade lends a reassuring durability to your lighting endeavors. An improved LED display and soft buttons enhance usability, reflecting thoughtful design enhancements.

For seamless mobility, the kit arrives with a padded carrying case, replete with essential accessories, including mounting clips to adapt your lighting to tripods or walls. The octagonal ends of the PavoTube offer dynamic placement options, permitting specific angles for optimal control over your lighting distribution.

Delve into full creative control with simplicity, as the PavoTube Tubes dispense with the need for cumbersome plastic filters or gels. Their user-friendly dials and buttons enable seamless adjustments from warm to cool (2700K-12000K) or hue and saturation in RGB mode.

The kit encompasses 15 built-in practical effects, ranging from Hue Loop, CCT Loop, INT Loop, to more evocative options like Storm, Police Car, and Firework. In addition, 10 pixel effects, such as Gradient, Scrolling, and Flame, add further dimensions to your lighting exploration.

With versatile power options, the PavoTube RGBWW Tubes are adept for both studio and location settings. They can be powered either through the inclusive AC adapter or their internal Li-ion batteries, delivering up to two hours of full brightness when mains power is unavailable.
Light Fixture
Color Temperature 2799K ± 12000K
Color Modes Full RGB Tuning
Color Accuracy Standard CRI 95
Cooling System Passive
Dimming Yes, 0 to 100%
Housing Material Metal
Photometrics 3200K: 63.9 fc / 688 Lux at 39.4" / 1 m
5600K: 69.3 fc / 746 Lux at 3.28' / 1 m
10000K: 67 fc / 721 Lux at 39.4" / 1 m
Circular Panel Size 1.7" / 4.3 cm Diameter (Circle)
Fixture Dimensions Flood: 1.7 x 45.0 x 3.3' / 51.8 x 1371.6 x 100.6 cm
Fixture Weight 3.8 lb / 1.7 kg
Lens Lens Material: Glass
Mounting Yoke Mount: None
Fixture Mount: 1/4"-20 Female
Remote Operation Remote Control Type: Bluetooth, Proprietary Wireless
Power AC Input Power: None
DC Input Power: 18.5 VDC at 4.4 A
Power Source: Integrated Battery
Max Power Consumption: 36 W
Internal Battery Run Time: 160 Minutes at Full Power
Cable Cable Length: 9.8" / 24.9 cm
Cable Type: None
  • PavoTube II 30X×4
  • 15V/4A Power Adapter×4
  • Power Adapter Rubber Strap×4
  • Power Cable 3M×4
  • Clip×4
  • Eye Bolt×8
  • Carrying Bag×1
  • User Manual×1
  • DMX Reference Guide ×1