Nanlite Mixpanel 60 RGBWW 60W LED Panel

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Three LED Light Sources in One Compact Panel

Nanlite MixPanels are capable of switching between a "traditional" multi-LED panel for hard light, a diffuse SMD LED panel for soft light and a tuneable RGB panel for colourful, creative effects at the push of a button. Now, whether the project calls for hard lighting with more throw, diffused lighting for flattering portraits and up-close work, or coloured light to set moods and express emotions, creators can do it all in one unit with no additional accessories.

Ultra-Bright Output

When using the hard light fixture in normal mode, the MixPanel 60 emits 4,980 lux @1m @ 5600K. When shifted into boost mode, the output climbs even higher to 6600 lux. Plus, with dimming from 100% down to 1%, the MixPanel quickly adapts to any scene without adding ND filters or diffusion.

Colour Perfection

The brightness of a light is important, but without colour accuracy, a ton of time and money will be lost in post-production. Both MixPanels feature a CRI of 98, a TLCI of 95 plus Green/Magenta adjustment in CCT mode, allowing creators to shoot with confidence knowing the colour reproduction will be precise.

Intuitive User Interface

If there is one thing an RGBWW LED panel cannot be, it's cumbersome to use on set. The MixPanel's operating system has been developed from the ground up to be efficient and intuitive to use. The ability to save settings as presets makes your lighting consistent and repeatable.

Gel Emulation and Practical Effects

The MixPanel's gel emulation mode provides a selection of 43 gel presets in two light sources (3200K & 5600K) encompassing 5x CTOx 5x CTB, and 33x Calcolor. 9 pre-programmed and adjustable special effects make it possible to imitate lighting scenarios that can otherwise be tricky to recreate such as hue loop, CCT loop, flash, pulse, storm, siren, TV, paparazzi, and candle/fire.

Power Anywhere

Optimized for use in the studio or on location, MixPanels can run off either the included AC adapter or a standard 14.8V V-Mount battery (Not Included), so you can operate in any location regardless of power availability.


SIZE L/W/H: 43.2 x 35.6 x 7.6cm

WEIGHT: 3.3kg

COLOR TEMP: 2700-7500K

CRI: 98

TLCI: 95

DIMMING: 0-100%

2700K:1m-4633lux/431fc, 2m-1291lux/120fc, 3m-605lux/56fc
7500k:1m-5814lux/541fc, 2m-1653lux/154fc,3m-761ux/701fc
RED:1m-1672lux/156fc, 2m-472lux/44fc, 3m-219lux/20fc
GREEN:1m-3553lux/331fc, 2m-967lux/90fc, 3m-450ux/42fc
BLUE:1m-650lux/60fc, 2m-180lux/17fc, 3m-83lux/8fc

Max Power Draw: 60w

Battery: Sony V-Mount 14.8V Battery (Not Included)

Battery Run Time at 100% Brightness (approx): 1.5hours (14.8V Sony V-Mount 100wh)

Mount: Standard 5/8" Receiver

Gel Emulation: 43 gel presets in two light sources (3200K & 5600K) encompassing 5x CTOx 5x CTB, and 33x Calcolour

Special Effects: hue loop, CCT loop, flash, pulse, storm, siren, TV screen, paparazzi, and candle/fire.

Green/Magenta Trim Adjustment: Yes, in CCT Mode

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