Miller 3402 Skyline 90 Fluid Head (1085) Wedge Plate (3336) 2 x Pan Handles (3342) Centre Screw/Nut (3346) Head Case (3382/3348) HD 1-St Alloy Tripod (3350) G Spreader (3363) Tripod Case (3380)

SKU: ML3402
  • 15 selectable fluid pan-tilt drag positions + 0.
  • Continuous counterbalance control knob for perfect counterbalance adjustment.
  • Perfect for payloads up to 75kg (165lbs) at 30 cm above central tilt axis.
  • Fluid drag system with smooth start and soft stop technology & balanced diagonal transition.
  • Mitchell base for flat mounting.
  • One stage alloy rotary lock leg extension for heavy duty clamping.
  • Heavy duty clear anodised alloy tubing.
  • Cast alloy brackets for rigid geometry.
  • Comes with ground spreader.
  • Comes with fluid head and tripod transport cases.
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The Skyline 90 is a heavy duty fluid head designed to meet the challenging requirements of outside broadcast productions. Reliability, ease of setup, smooth pans, tilts, diagonals and user ergonomics form the hallmarks of this revolutionary head.

The Skyline 90 has continuous counterbalance control that ranges from zero to 165 lbs. (75 kg.) at 12 in. (30 cm.) above the tilt axis and 15+0 selectable fluid pan-tilt drag positions to ensure optimum drag for any lens focal length. The sliding platform features 300mm of sliding range that glides smoothly and effortlessly with full payload. Skyline 90 also comes with an auto safety lock to ensure a secure horizontal position when loading or dismantling heavy box lenses.

The 3402 Skyline system comes with all head accessories and is coupled with the HD 1-stage tripod and ground spreader giving ultimate stability on flat surfaces.

Payload Range 0-75kg (0-165.4lbs)
Weight 38.1kg (84.0lbs)
Height Range 957-1642mm (37.7-64.7”)
Transport Length 1162mm (45.8”)
Counterbalance Positions Continuous adjustment (0 - 100%)
Pan Tilt Drag 15 selectable fluid drag positions + 0
Pan Tilt Locks Positive lock caliper brake system
Tilt Range +60° / -60°
Pan Range 360°
Camera Platform Quick release wedge plate
Sliding Range 300mm (11.8”)
Mounting Base Mitchell base
Height Above Bowl 332mm (13.1”)
Safety Lock Quick release tilt lock pin
Pan Handle 2 x HD telescopic
Temperature Range -40° to +65° C (-40° to +150° F)
Leg Extension 1-stage
Lock Type Rotary lock
Leg Material


  • 1085 Skyline 90 fluid head
  • 3350 HD 1-stage alloy tripod
  • 3336 Wedge plate
  • 3342 Pan handles (2)
  • 3346 Centre screw / nut
  • 3348 Head case
  • 3363 Ground spreader
  • 3380 Hexagonal tripod case
  • Miller Warranty
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