Miller 3092 ArrowX 5 (1074) Sprinter II 1-St Alloy Tripod (1589G) Ground Spreader (470) Pan Handle (696) Softcase (3500)

SKU: ML3092

System ArrowX 5 Sprinter II 1-stage (alloy) combines ArrowX 5 fluid head with speedy and rugged Sprinter II alloy tripod to meet the demanding world of news gathering. From fast-action sports shooting to long, slow pans the ArrowX 5 system exceeds expectations of precision, quality and features for the ENG operators of payloads from 2-21kg 4.4-46.2lbs.

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Payload Capacity:
21.00 kg (46.3 lbs)
Payload Range:
2-21kg 4.4-46.2lbs
1074 Arrow X 5 fluid head
1589G  Sprinter II 1-stage tripod (alloy)
470  On gorund spreader 
696 Pan handle- telescopic with clamp 
870 Arrow softcase 1-stage 
  • Miller ArrowX 5 Fluid Head
  • Sprinter II Single-Stage Aluminum Tripod
  • Ground-Level Spreader
  • Telescopic Pan Handle
  • Padded Soft Case
  • Miller 3 Year Warranty
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