Miller 1050 Skyline 70 Fluid Head NEW!

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Designed for outside broadcast and studio productions, the Skyline 70 brings a new dimension to professional camera support. Incorporating advanced precision fluid drag and counterbalance systems operated through rear mounted “all in one location” with unique illumination of all controls and bubble level, the Skyline 70 makes it even faster and easier than ever before to set up and capture the action.

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Skyline 70 Fluid Head

Robust support for Sport, Studio, EFP and Outside Broadcast

Skyline 70 fluid head provides robust, reliable and versatile 150mm ball levelling support for lighter weight sports, studio, EFP and outside broadcast productions.  A new counterbalance system and quick release 120mm sliding plate offer easy balancing for wide payloads from 4.5 to 37.5 kg. An extended drag range from ultra light to heavy supplies true fluid action, soft take offs, smooth stops with no over runs plus safety tilt lock ensuring payload protection.


  • Payload range from 4.5-37.5 kg / 9.9-82.5 lbs
  • Quick release, 120mm sliding camera platform with large Euro camera plate
  • 7 (plus zero) positions of selectable fluid pan and tilt drag
  • 8 positions of selectable counterbalance
  • 150mm ball levelling
  • Easy to operate rear facing illuminated controls
  • Dual side mounts for viewfinders and accessories


Sliding Range:
120 mm (4.7")
Payload Range:
4.5-37.5 kg (9.9-82.5 lbs)
Payload Capacity:
37.50 kg (82.7 lbs)
6.00 kg (13.2 lbs)
Camera Platform Type:
Quick release camera plate with 2x3/8" screws
Camera Plate:
Large Euro camera plate
150 mm (5.9") ball levelling
Tilt Drag:
7 selectable fluid drag positions + 0
Tilt Range:
+90° / -75°
Tilt Lock:
Calliper disc brake system
Pan Drag:
7 selectable fluid drag positions + 0
Pan Range:
360 °
Pan Lock:
Calliper disc brake system
Counter balance System:
8 selectable positions
Temperature Range:
-40° to +65°C / -40° to +149°F
Pan Handle:
Telescopic x 2, 390 to 590mm (15.4 to 23.2")
Height Above Bowl:
190 mm (7.5 in)
Bubble level
Safety Lock:
Quick release tilt lock pin
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