Manfrotto Reflector HaloCompact Sun Slv

SKU: LL LR3310
  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Clip on Double-sided Sunlite/Soft Silver Cover
  • Interchangeable with other HaloCompact covers
  • Carry Case
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HaloCompact Reflector:
Introducing the innovative HaloCompact light reflector, a design concept under patent pending that elevates the portability of everyday reflector and diffuser panels. Deviating from conventional steel-rim pop-up designs, the 82cm (32”) HaloCompact is crafted using Manfrotto's groundbreaking RapidExoframe technology. This lightweight collapsible aluminum frame swiftly interlocks, and the reflector or diffuser fabric cover seamlessly attaches to the frame. The ingenious construction of the RapidExoFrame facilitates easy disassembly into multiple compact sections, ensuring simple storage alongside the folded fabric. All of this packs neatly into a compact carry case measuring merely 6.5 x 27 x 6.5cm (2.5” x 10.5” x 2.5”), with a weight of just 335g (reflector and case combined).

The new HaloCompact surfaces are available as comprehensive solutions, complete with the RapidExoframe, or as standalone covers for existing users with frames.

The Sunlite surface showcases a fusion of silver and gold stripes, resulting in a subtly warmer reflective tone compared to standard full silver surfaces. Tailored for enhancing skin tones and capturing images during the golden hour, it complements the sun's warm hues.

The Soft Silver surface boasts an equitable blend of silver and white stripes, positioning its reflective attributes between those of full silver and full white surfaces. This renders it an ideal solution for providing subtle additional fill when required, without overwhelming the scene.
  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Clip on Sunlite/Soft Silver Reflector Cover
  • Carry Case
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