Manfrotto Kit Med Pro Scrim All In One

  • Black, Silver/White & 1.25-Stop Fabrics
  • Two Grip Heads, Two Ears
  • Aluminum Frame, Rigid Case
  • Lightweight for Location Work
  • Sparks Creative Image Making
  • Fits Conveniently in the Included Case
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The Manfrotto Medium Pro Scrim All-In-One Kit is the perfect solution for full-length location shooting, offering a wide working area measuring 3.6 x 6.5'. This kit is designed for photographers and videographers who need a lightweight, easily assembled solution with seamless grip gear integration and the most sought-after fabrics.

This comprehensive kit revolves around a robust aluminum frame with an internal elastic cord that keeps it secure when packed while remaining separate from other components. Included are three fabrics, each swiftly attaching and detaching from the frame with convenient clips. The black fabric serves to absorb light from the subject, making it an excellent choice for establishing light-to-dark ratios in even lighting conditions, blocking external illumination sources like window light, and reducing reflections on glossy or mirrored surfaces. The reversible silver/white fabric offers versatility, with the silver side providing highly reflective qualities for extended-distance work, creating a high-contrast look with a cool color tone. On the other hand, the white side offers a neutral, soft quality of light. The 1.25-stop diffusion fabric is invaluable for reducing incoming light on your subject and is particularly useful when placed overhead to control intense, contrasting light sources such as direct sunlight.

For mounting, this all-in-one kit includes two ears, flat notched metal plates that can be attached anywhere on the tubular frame. These ears fit into the two provided grip heads, each equipped with 5/8" receivers. By adding two stands, you can create a robust setup for overhead diffusion or a butterfly frame. The entire kit conveniently fits into the supplied rigid case, ensuring easy storage and transportation.
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