Manfrotto Kit BG EzyFrame 2x2.3m

SKU: LL LB7934
  • Rapid Assembly Aluminium Frame
  • Easy to attach, clip on Walnut Cover
  • Rigid Carry Case
  • Interchangeable with other Ezyframe Covers
  • Made in the UK
Regular price $934.36
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EzyFrame Vintage Photography Background 2x2.3m Walnut comprises: Swift Assembly Aluminium Frame Walnut Clip-On Cover Sturdy Carrying Case EzyFrame Vintage Photography Background The EzyFrame Vintage Photo Background, sized at 2 x 2.3m (6.5’ x 7.5’), introduces a spacious collapsible backdrop concept that significantly enlarges the shooting domain for our acclaimed vintage textured photo backdrop surfaces. These surfaces are presently available in the form of 1.5 x 2.1m (5’ x 7’) collapsible 'pop-up' style backgrounds. The added width and height, combined with the square configuration, yield a notably expanded canvas, facilitating photographers to artistically capture multiple subjects and integrate props. This backdrop is perfect for family portraits, dynamic action shots, fashion, and commercial photography. For those seeking versatility, separate covers are on hand, offering users the convenience to seamlessly switch between diverse background choices.

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