Manfrotto Kit BG EzyFrame 2x2.3m

SKU: LL LB7932
  • Rapid Assembly Aluminium Frame
  • Easy to attach, clip on Sage Cover
  • Rigid Carry Case
  • Interchangeable with other Ezyframe Covers
  • Made in the UK
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EzyFrame Vintage Photography Background 2x2.3m Sage includes:
  • Rapid Assembly Aluminium Frame
  • Clip-on Sage Cover
  • Rigid Carry Case

Introducing the EzyFrame Vintage Photography Background in the size of 2 x 2.3m (6.5’ x 7.5’) in the calming shade of Sage. This revolutionary large-format collapsible background brings forth an expansive shooting canvas, enhancing the capabilities of our immensely popular vintage textured photo background surfaces. While the 1.5 x 2.1m (5’ x 7’) collapsible ‘pop-up’ style backgrounds have already gained acclaim, the EzyFrame Vintage Photo Background takes it a step further with added width and height. This squarer format offers a significantly augmented surface area, empowering photographers to arrange multiple subjects with ease and incorporate props for dynamic compositions. It's a perfect fit for family portraits, lively action poses, fashion, and commercial shoots. For those desiring versatility, individual covers are available, allowing seamless transitions between different background options.
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