Manfrotto HaloCompact Plus 2-Stop Diffuser (38inch)

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The HaloCompact Plus is the perfect 'always with you' compact tool ready to be quickly deployed when its essential to take control or manipulate the light. With a 98cm (38”) diameter and a surface area over 46% larger than the regular 82cm (32'') HaloCompact this new addition is the largest yet, making it ideal for photo and video shoots when working with couples, small family groups or when shooting larger still life and product set ups .

The rigid frame of the HaloCompact Plus is constructed using Manfrotto’s RapidExoframe™ technology. The collapsible lightweight aluminium frame quickly slots together and the reflector or diffuser fabric cover simply clips onto the frame using a newly designed ergonomic clip, offering more flex during assembly to make set up even easier. The cleverly designed RapidExoFrame™ construction allows the frame to breakdown into small multiple sections and along with the folded cover, packs into a carry case measuring only 29.5cm x 10.5cm x 6cm (11.6” x 4.1” x 2.3”) weighing only 450g (15.8oz).

The ultra-compact folded dimensions make the HaloCompact Plus the perfect solution for imagemakers on the move or with very limited carrying space. It now means a reflector or diffuser can always be carried in a camera bag without compromising. A handy carabiner style clip also allows the user to clip the HaloCompact Plus to the outside of their camera bag so that it is always within easy reach.

The HaloCompact Plus features an ergonomically designed handle so the reflector can easily be held and accurately positioned with one hand. The handle also incorporates a very useful ¼” thread (plus a ¼” to ¼” adaptor), enabling the reflector to easily attach to various support systems such as arms and light stands.

The HaloCompact Plus is also available as a double-sided reflector, with silver one side and white the other. Kits include the RapidExoframe™, 1x cover, carry case and ¼” to ¼” adaptor. Covers are also available separately.
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