Manfrotto Expan Set w Metal Chain RED

  • Efficient Expan background drive set for one roll
  • Inserts into the background roll fast
  • Supports up to 10kg
  • Can adjust without lowering the support stands
  • Comes complete with metal chain
Regular price $239.44
The perfect drive set for studio applications. Achieve effortless and straightforward shoots with the meticulously crafted Expan Set. This reliable and user-friendly kit streamlines your workflow, ensuring swift and efficient outcomes with minimal complications on every occasion. Its intuitive design empowers you to expertly manage your backdrop paper roll, elevating your sessions and yielding a polished, uncluttered environment.

Engineered for effectiveness and long-lasting performance, this set is fashioned from lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy. This not only ensures its manageability in your gear collection but also endows it with the durability to withstand intensive usage. Despite weighing a mere 2kg, it has the capacity to support up to 10kg. The inclusion of a black metal chain completes the package, granting you a comprehensive solution.

With the metal chain in place, adjusting your backdrop's height is swift and secure, eliminating the need to lower the support stands. This time-saving feature enhances your efficiency during work. Compatible with tubes measuring up to 80mm and expanding from 46mm to 78mm, it offers a wide array of creative prospects. Simply insert your desired roll, and you're ready to proceed, free of hassles and exhibiting full professionalism.
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