Manfrotto Cov Reflec HaloCompact Sun Slv

SKU: LL LR3311
  • Alternative/replacement cover for the HaloCompact
  • Compact size
  • Easy to attach
  • Reversible
  • High quality fabric
Regular price $116.25
The HaloCompact Cover 82cm (32”) in the Sunlite/Soft Silver variation serves as a replacement or alternative cover compatible with the HaloCompact Reflector or Diffuser.

The Sunlite surface showcases an amalgamation of silver and gold stripes, delivering a gently warmer reflective tone compared to the standard full silver. This makes it well-suited for enhancing skin tones and capturing shots during the golden hour, harmonizing with the sun's warm hues.

Conversely, the Soft Silver surface balances an even combination of silver and white stripes, positioning its reflective attributes between those of a full silver and a full white surface. This renders it an excellent choice for introducing a subtle touch of additional fill when required, without overpowering the scene.
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