Manfrotto Clamp Spring w BH&cold shoe

SKU: 175F-2
  • Versatile lightweight clamp with multiple attachment options
  • Innovative cold shoe mount for lightweight accessories
  • Multi position ball head for precise positioning
  • Strong spring mechanism with impressive payload of up to 2kg
  • Durable rubber grips ensure tight grip on a range of surfaces
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Introducing the 175F-2 Manfrotto Cold Shoe Spring Clamp: A Versatile Accessory Solution

The 175F-2 Manfrotto Cold Shoe Spring Clamp offers a lightweight and adaptable approach to securely positioning crucial accessories in off-camera locations, where traditional support options like lighting stands might not be practical. This clamp showcases a variety of useful fixing points, facilitating the attachment of essential lightweight add-ons such as a Speedlite flashgun, a compact LED panel, or an audio microphone.

Weighing a mere 350g, this clamp incorporates an impressively robust spring mechanism that ensures a firm grip on various surfaces or objects, accommodating a payload of up to 2kg. The clamp's jaws extend to fit a maximum diameter of 40mm, facilitating easy attachment to poles, shelves, chair backs, tree branches, and more. The interior of the spring clamp's jaws feature durable hard rubber studs, enhancing grip, particularly on irregular surfaces.

Equipped with a dependable multi-position Manfrotto center ball head offering full pan and tilt movement, this clamp includes a single locking knob on the ball head that enables precise positioning of the accessory at the desired angle. A simple twist of the knob locks the accessory securely in place. Atop the ball head, you'll find Manfrotto's acclaimed shoe mount mechanism, enabling effortless and secure fastening of the chosen accessory. By unscrewing the ring, inserting the accessory, and then tightening the ring, you can firmly attach the accessory to the ball head.

In addition to the ball head, the clamp boasts a 5/8” (16mm) socket and a 5/8” (16mm) spigot with a 3/8” female thread, allowing the option to affix an additional accessory or attach the clamp to a light stand or support arm. This clamp's exceptional versatility is bound to inspire the creativity of contemporary image makers. Its compact size, swift setup, and clever design streamline the process of placing essential accessories in diverse off-camera locations—whether high up, low to the ground, concealed, or in confined spaces. This opens up a realm of creative opportunities.

An indispensable 'go-to' accessory that should have a permanent place in every image maker's kit bag.
Feature Value
Weight 0.35 kg
Payload 2 kg
Attachment 01 3/8" thread female, 5/8" (16mm) socket, 5/8" (16mm) stud
Length 15.6 cm
Clamp Range - Max. (Round Tube) 40 mm
Clamp Range Min Round Tube 5 mm
Colour Black
Material Aluminium, Steel
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