Manfrotto Chromakey Panoramic Background Kit 4m wide, 2.3m

SKU: LL LB7622
This chromakey green Panoramic Background Kit from Manfrotto can convert nearly any location into a chromakey shooting studio in just minutes. The structure is made up of three individual aluminum frame panels, connected together with sturdy hinge clips. The side frames fold in to create a completely self-supporting environment with a wraparound effect. The hinge clips also allow the background to be set up flat to lean against a wall. The 13 x 7.5' backdrop simply clips to the aluminum frame and creates a taut, seamless surface, ideal for creating digital environments.
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The Panoramic is a collapsible 4m (13’) wide, 2.3m (7’5”) high photography background that folds down neatly into its own carry case and fits easily into a car. Weighing only 9kg (19.8lb) it’s ideal for busy image-makers on the move. The photography background is completely self-supporting and can be set up in minutes. The structure comprises three individual aluminium framed sections, connected together with a hinge clip to allow the background to be set up flat to lean against a wall or with the side frames folded in to create a wraparound effect. The Chroma Key Green cover just simply clips to the aluminium frame and creates a taught, seamless surface.
The photo background is ideal for live stream and post-production keying projects. Its impressive 4m width creates enough working area for multiple camera angles and subjects. Although the brushed fabric is incredibly non-reflective, the height and width combined is enough to place the subject/s at a good working distance from the background eliminating risk of any colour spill from the Chroma Key Green surface.

Whether you are shooting a single person, a larger group or even products, the Panoramic photography Background offers ultimate versatility. The wider format allows the image-maker to introduce props and accommodate animated poses from the likes of dancers or athletes.

Panoramic Background covers are also available separately

9.5 kg
chromakey green
230 cm
400 cm
In Bag - Depth
30 cm
In Bag - Height
104 cm
Weight - In Bag
9 kg
In Bag - Width
35 cm

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