Manfrotto BG URBAN PWht IndGry 1.5x2.1m

SKU: LL LB5707
  • 2in1 background features a reversible design
  • Collapsible pop up construction
  • Fold down to a third of its original size
  • Great for shooting video interviews, portraits & fashion
  • Truly portable background solution
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Introducing the Urban Collapsible 1.5x2.1m Painted White/Industrial Grey Brick:
Part of the widely acclaimed Collapsible background collection, the Urban Collapsible 1.5x2.1m Painted White/Industrial Grey Brick stands as a favored choice among image creators worldwide, offering a versatile means to inject variety and an alternative outdoor ambiance into their shoots, whether within a studio environment or at the client's preferred location.

Boasting a distinctive monochromatic brick pattern characterized by striking tones, pronounced contrast, and a subtle vignette, this backdrop lends itself seamlessly to crafting a dark and theatrical ambiance. On the reverse side, a harmonious painted white brick design exudes a lighter, cleaner aura, making it ideal for infusing shoots with a bright and refreshing atmosphere.

Exceptionally well-suited for video interviews, portraits, fashion, and product photography, this versatile reversible photography background grants a chic and edgy appearance, infusing the chosen subject with a commanding and dramatic style. Featuring a 2-in-1 composition, this backdrop transitions effortlessly, and its collapsible pop-up structure permits easy folding to a third of its original size, offering today's innovative image creators a genuinely portable solution.

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210 cm

150 cm

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