Manfrotto Base quick release MOVE

  • 360°QR base that moves freely in any direction
  • X LOCK system to ensure maximum rigidity
  • Unique full compatibility thanks to the universal 3/8'' thread
  • Lightweight and strong body holds up to 20 Kg /44.09 lbs
  • Made of hard-anodized, machined aluminium
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Introducing MOVE, the groundbreaking quick-release system designed to elevate your efficiency on set, streamlining the process of switching between various camera setups effortlessly.

MOVE is engineered to minimize downtime when transitioning between tripods, motion control equipment, and stabilizers, making it an invaluable tool in fast-paced creative environments.

At the heart of this revolutionary system lies a flat base and plate configuration, creating a universal connector for unparalleled versatility. The flat base boasts a 60mm diameter and features a standard 3/8” thread, offering compatibility with a wide range of support options, including tripods, sliders, monopods, and more.

By equipping the bases to different support units and the plates to camera systems, users can swiftly transition their gear from one setup to another without the need to interrupt the flow of their shoot by manually screwing and unscrewing various plates.

To facilitate rapid kit assembly, a MOVE base for each mounting unit (tripod, slider, Gimboom) and a plate for every camera system (head, stabilizers, motion controls) should be included in your setup.

The MOVE base is meticulously crafted from hard-anodized, precision-machined aluminum, ensuring robustness and the capability to support an impressive payload of up to 20 Kg / 44.09 lbs. Its compact and lightweight design guarantees ergonomic usability in all shooting configurations, offering unparalleled flexibility on your creative journey.
Weight 0.18 kg
Material Aluminium
Accessory Size Height 3.7 cm
Safety Payload Weight 20 kg
Base Diameter 60 mm
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