LightPro White Velvet Seamless Background Material


Please Note: This material does not come with a cardboard core, if ordering less the 4m of velvet it is recommended to purchase a LightPro Expan Aluminium Tube 3.25m to help support and protect from fatal damage during transport and during shipping from Dragon Image to you. 


Very high quality non-woven mono-tone background with one-side flocking. (3 metre wide standard x 1 linear metre = $32.33/linear metre)

Regular price $33.00

***Please be aware that due to the large length of this item there will be an additional $25 shipping surcharge added to the order after checkout. Dragon Image Staff will contact you for payment.

Weight: Varies
Width: 3 metres
Length: Cut to suit your sizing needs, 1 metre up to 100 metres

Very high quality non-woven mono-tone background with one-side flocking. This Velvet is versatile enough to fulfil a range of photographic needs, the specially designed crease-resistant velvet material eliminates the need for time-consuming steam ironing.


This background is perfect for high-key style photography, the fibers spread the bright light around to make a perfect white background.


Trick with this white velvet is to blow out the background by one to two stops more then your subject - so if your shooting your subject at F8 for example, hit the background with two background lights with our S-Type 45deg spillkills at F11 or F16 - these act like flags to stop the light from the background lights spilling out into the lens. And have your subject at least 2-3 meters in front of the background for the best shadow-less standing in white effect with very little post production needed.


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