LightPro UltraSoft Round 600C Bi-Colour LED Panel

SKU: DF-600C

The UltraSoft Ring of LED lighting is perfect for people who are after a strong, high quality of light without the harshness that normal LED panels give off and with the design of the UltraSoft light there is no chance of multiple shadows as the light acts as if it were one solid light source.


- 62cm Diameter

- 10cm width with Ballast (3cm without)

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This Lights UPRTeck Readings 

LUX 915.388611
fc 85.073288
CCT 5582
Duv 0.002671
I-Time 209
X 877.945435
Y 915.388611
Z 862.852722
x 0.330528
y 0.344625
u' 0.204205
v' 0.479057
LambdaP 449
LambdaPValue 22.061558
CRI 98.786842
R1 99.183121
R2 99.8619
R3 98.968231
R4 98.333298
R5 99.384178
R6 97.049759
R7 98.962631
R8 98.551552
R9 96.644638
R10 99.74482
R11 95.952087
R12 85.123116
R13 99.399864
R14 98.616196
R15 98.200371
TLCI 99.096405
TLMF-D55 89.388336
SSI-D55 75.917038
Rf 95.167107
Rg 100.850563
IRR 3.378273


This LightPro UltraSoft Round 600C Bi-Colour LED Panel with Special Effects from LightPro is ideal for portraiture, fashion, selfies, vlogging, and more. The fixture provides soft and flattering light and natural-looking catchlights in your subjects' eyes, and the lamp features adjustable colour temperatures from 3000 to 5600K. It is dimmable from 0 to 100% so you can finely tune the output, and a built-in DMX connection allows easy operation from a lighting console or controller. Nine special effects are also offered, and they include lightning 1, lightning 2, screen, candle, paparazzi, strobe, high and low beam bulb, double flash, and breathing white. The light provides a 100 to 240 VAC power adapter for worldwide use, and thanks to its included battery plate and adapter the fixture also runs on either NP-F-type or V-mount batteries when a power outlet is unavailable.

The UltraSoft 68, like its name, is a 68W LED panel. It has an internal diameter of 60cm and weighs only 4.1kg. 

Lux has been measured at both daylight and tungsten outputs at 1m:

5600K: 5920 Lux
3000K: 4190 Lux

1x Lightpro 600c LED light
1x Carry bag
1x 2xNP battery to V-Lock battery adapter (batteries not included)
1x AC power supply
1x Velcro strap