LightPro Ultrasoft rectangular 66R Continuous LED Panel with Barndoors



The UltraSoft Range of LED lighting is perfect for people who are after a strong, high quality of light without the harshness that normal LED panels give off and with the design of the UltraSoft light there is no chance of multiple shadows as the light acts as if it were one solid light source.


- 68cm wide

- 36cm tall

- 5cm deep with Ballast (1cm without)

Regular price $850.00


The LightPro 66R  is an LED rectangular panel that create a soft wrap of high quality light on your subject and background. The light is bi-colour which means that you have the ability via the ballast, to control the colour temperature from tungsten to daylight, warm light to cool light. The light, unlike traditional LED panels that create a harsh direct source of light, the ultrasoft LEDs are designed to soften the shadows and flatten the light being emitted. No longer do you require softboxes that require a few minutes setup when you arrive on location and then are snapped on the front of the light, thus creating a bulky mess. The ultrasoft has the softbox built into the unit and are finished in a simple flush framed design.

  • Poweroutput: 66w
  • 750 Lux @ 1 Meter
  • Bi-colour
  • Operating voltage: DC-15V7A
  • AC adaptor - Sony V Mount Battery
  • Dimmable 
  • Beam Angle 65
  • CRI: =>95
LUX 720.707825
fc 66.980278
CCT 5172
Duv 0.003935
I-Time 288
X 689.993469
Y 720.707825
Z 613.299805
x 0.340906
y 0.356081
u' 0.206887
v' 0.486216
LambdaP 453
LambdaPValue 15.92055
CRI 97.26384
R1 97.600502
R2 99.282463
R3 99.588776
R4 96.468094
R5 96.575623
R6 96.366219
R7 96.929657
R8 95.299301
R9 90.598923
R10 98.099594
R11 97.908051
R12 78.730377
R13 98.499771
R14 98.628593
R15 95.637848
TLCI 98.738655
TLMF-D55 64.979111
SSI-D55 74.833633
Rf 91.735558
Rg 98.247849
IRR 2.627587

1x LightPro 66R LED Panel 
1x Carry bag for LightPro 66R 
2x Sony NP battery to V-lock battery plate (needs 2 Sony Np batteries, not included) 1x Power cable + AC Power supply 1x Velcro strap