LightPro Ultrasoft Interview Lighting Kit with background

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Looking for an easy-to-use kit that will make chromakey work easy? Well, the LightPro Ultrasoft Interview Lighting Kit (with background) is designed to do just that. With the New LightPro Ultrasoft rectangular 66R Continuous LED Panel and LightPro UltraSoft Round 600C Bi-Colour LED Panel giving beautiful soft and even illumination, most of the work is done. This kit is an extremely portable and versatile option guaranteed to fulfill all of your videography needs.

This kit includes:

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The LightPro range of UltraSoft LED panels give a brilliant rendition of window light, without the hassle of ever-changing weather. Other LEDs are harsh and need diffusion to soften the light being projected, however, the UltraSoft panels give a diffused light without the need for filters; they are dual colour - this means you have the choice of tungsten or daylight, and they can run off mains power or battery options.

LightPro UltraSoft Round 600C Bi-Colour LED Panel

The UltraSoft Ring of LED lighting is perfect for people who are after a strong, high quality light without the harshness that normal LED panels give off. And with it's design, there is no chance of multiple shadows as the light acts as if it were one solid light source.


- 62cm Diameter

- 10cm width with Ballast (3cm without)

Lux has been measured at both daylight and tungsten outputs at 1m:

5600K: 5920 Lux
3000K: 4190 Lux

LightPro Ultrasoft rectangular 66R Continuous LED Panel

The LightPro 66R is an LED rectangular panel that create a soft wrap of high quality light on your subject and background. The light is bi-colour which means that you have the ability via the ballast, to control the colour temperature from tungsten to daylight, warm light to cool light. The light, unlike traditional LED panels that create a harsh direct source of light, the ultrasoft LEDs are designed to soften the shadows and flatten the light being emitted. No longer do you require softboxes that require a few minutes setup when you arrive on location and then are snapped on the front of the light, thus creating a bulky mess. The ultrasoft has the softbox built into the unit and are finished in a simple flush framed design.

  • Poweroutput: 66w
  • 1025Lux @ 1 Meter
  • Bi-colour
  • Operating voltage: DC-15V7A
  • AC adaptor - Sony V Mount Battery
  • Dimmable
  • Beam Angle 65
  • CRI: =>95
  • Lux at 1 meter: 1350lx

LightPro White / Green Background Frame System 2.9x2.2m

- Folds down into a small 1m carry bag.
- Dual Background capabilities with a Chromakey Green and White (option to purchase black and white separately)
- The background stretches over the frame so you don't need clamps and because it stretches, it gives a high quality and professional finish.

Do you hate carrying around a long background rolls to jobs?

Are you looking for a Professional looking all in one background system?

The LightPro Green/White Background System is perfect for anyone looking to have a clean, wrinkle-free background for Video or Photography. The system is simple to set up within minutes!

The Fabric sleeve stretches evenly over the frame to provide a flat, seamless chroma green screen (or white!).

Available in both White/Green and Black/White.

Dragon Image is also able to offer custom backgrounds or sizes upon request (although this may take a longer period of time).

2 x LightPro Ultrasoft rectangular 66R Continuous LED Panel

1 x LightPro UltraSoft Round 600C Bi-Colour LED Panel

3 x LightPro 2.8m Light Stands

1 x LightPro White / Green Background Frame System 2.9x2.2m