Lightpro Track Light 40B Variable Colour LED for Track Light track

- An ultra thin aluminium alloy construction
- Variable Colour Temperature adjustable fro 3200K to 5600K.
- Stepless dimmer control
- Soft and even light with built-in diffusion
- 2.4G Wireless Remote Control
- CRI and TLCI above 95
Regular price $402.00

The LightPro GK-40B TRACK SlimLine Pro is a new generation of photo video lighting. The ultra thin light panel features an aluminium alloy housing, dual power options (either 2 x NP sony batteries or DC mains power), and a track mechanism. It is designed to be used with the LightPro 1.5m track for studio builds and setups. 

The light can be dimmed with the adjustable switch on the back of the unit, or via the Optional 2.4G remote control more than 40m away (99 channels). With flexible adjusting angle, compact size, user friendly control system; the light will meet most demands in both photography and video. With barndoors, the light products can be cut without spilling on to unwanted objects during your shoots.


Specs: Please note these lights are designed to be used in groups, 

LUX 969.126282
fc 90.067497
CCT 5642
Duv -0.001577
I-Time 168
X 951.871948
Y 969.126282
Z 969.631531
x 0.329296
y 0.335265
u' 0.206955
v' 0.474089
LambdaP 449
LambdaPValue 27.265898
CRI 97.253944
R1 98.230034
R2 98.416679
R3 96.486816
R4 96.010262
R5 98.793152
R6 94.785118
R7 97.213066
R8 98.096413
R9 95.809608
R10 96.886307
R11 94.193291
R12 82.890602
R13 98.379868
R14 98.184982
R15 98.70459
TLCI 98.273926
TLMF-D55 90.233887
SSI-D55 73.580147
Rf 93.67659
Rg 102.296684
IRR 3.59254
1 x LightPro GK-40B TRACK SlimLine Pro