LightPro LP-BP 230NE 230wh Li-ion V-Lock / VLock Battery with 5v USB

  • V-Mount 230WH Li-ion battery for professional cameras
  • No memory effect
  • 4 level LED power indicator
  • Intelligent control and protection circuit
  • Temperature, current and voltage protection
  • D-Tap power connector
  • USB 5 V Output
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If you want to make your LED panel or camera more portable, this is a great addition to any kit. The battery features a D-tap connection on the side which has an output of 14.8V so that you can power external units. Please be aware that if you want to power a light, it will need to be able to run 15V at least.

The LightPro 230wH V-lock battery is one of the largest capacity v-lock batteries we have, if you are thinking about flying with it, you are not allowed to. 

Whilst working on lights, the V-Mount 230WH Li ion battery is designed to be used for professional cameras as well.

No memory effect - in the past if you recharged a battery when it hadn't been fully drained, you would lose the amount of future charge. This no memory effect feature means that this is no longer the case.

There is a 4 level LED power indicator on the side of the battery unit which allows you to check the power left in the battery.

And finally, if you want a USB output to charge and power a USB LED light like that of the RECTA and QUADRA series, or if you just want to charge your phone, the LightPro battery range will give you this ability too.

  • Voltage : 14.8 V
  • Full voltage : 17 V
  • Cutoff voltage : 11 V
  • Capacity : 230 Wh
  • Power limit : 100 W
  • Dimensions excluding mount : 102 x 152 x 63 mm (4.02 x 5.98 x 2.48 in)
  • Weight approx : 1500 g (3.31 lbs)
  • Mount type : V-Lock (V-Mount) 
  • USB Output : 5 V
  • D-Tap Connector
Voltage/Capacity Max. Output Max.Output Current  Typical Run-Time Weight Dimension 
14.8V / 15.6Ah 150W 12A 138mins a 100W 1320g 172(L)x102(W)x47(T)mm

1 x 230wh Vlock Battery
*Charger not included
Video not available for this product