LightPro FlexLite 50B Bicolor Rollable LED Panel

  • 280 individual LED lights.
  • Dimmable Color Temperature: 3000k-5600k, Power: 50W.
  • Rollable, flexible and waterproof, easy to carry. After usage, you could roll the LED Mat and put it into the bag to save the room.
  • Double power supply ways, AC adapter or V-mount battery.(Battery not included).
  • Equipped with a X-type support, can be easily attached on light stand.
Regular price $654.50

The new DF-50B LED light is developed with the latest LED technology to perform rollable and flexible movement with thickness of only 10mm. The Roll-Flex size is 30*45cm. It can aim for all kinds of shooting and micofilming. It's handy lightweight and easy to carry around which is great to use as your no-sunlight reflector or as a fill light. With the help of the optional clamp,user could mount the DF-50B LED light on a light stand in order to use as a led panel. 


Power: 34w
LED: 280pcs
Power source: DC 14.8V or AC 15V 5A
size: 12*18 inch (30*45cm)
Thickness: 10mm
CCT: 5600K
Dimmer: YES
LUX(0.5m): 6000
LUX(1m): 2800 
LUX(2m): 700 

1 x Lightpro 50B Bicolor LED Flex
1 x X Frame
1 x Ballast
1 x Carry bag