LightPro Dual Boom Stand


This easy to use, portable dual boom stand gives you the flexibility to set up a 4m light stand or a light weight boom stand.

The special articulated joint works as both a locking collar and pivoting boom clamp depending on whether the top tube is vertical or horizontal. Quality aluminum construction and a sandbag counterweight (shipped empty) provide maximum stability and smoothness

Regular price $280.00

Technical Specs:

Minimum height: 131.0 cm
Closed length: 113.0 cm
Maximum height: 392.0 cm
Load capacity at maximum extension at 6 inclination: 0.9 kg
Weight: 2.70 kg
Load capacity: 9.00 kg
Footprint max diameter: 109.0 cm
Minimum Extension: 19.0 cm
Maximum Extension: 191.0 cm
Load Capacity at Maximum Extension: 2.0 kg
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium
Leg Cross Section: Round
Column Cross Section: Round
Attachment (top): type25 + spigot adapter 013
Section Center column: 4
Risers Stand number: 3
Stand Leg Size: 22mm diameter
Column Tube Diameter: 35, 30, 25, 20 mm
Suggested Wheels: 0.18


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