LightPro DN-900SC Compact LED Panel - LED Video Light


The LightPro DN-900SC Compact - LED Video Light gives you colour control over 900 LEDs making it a very versatile option for anyone in video. The LED comes with a v-mount on the back to take the widely available V-Lock Batteries available in store.

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  • High output, stable color temperature, long service life and outstanding heat dissipation. 
  • Use spotlight LED bulbs, provide an illumination distance of more than 5M, which is suitable for long distance shooting. Comprise a diffuser, whereby light may be freely switched from spotlight effect (suitable for long distance shooting) to floodlight effect (suitable for short distance shooting). 
  • Comprise an orange filter, provide an alternative color temperature of 5400K or 3200K for choice). 
  • Connect with 110V~230V A/C power through an A/C power adapter, easy and convenient. 
  • Easy carrying and simple assembly, comprise a standalone cable dimmer to help easier dimming, suitable for lighting in Video and outdoor image capture. 

Product Description

  • 54 Watt 900-LED
  • Model:DN-900SC
  • Power: 54W
  • Power Sourcing: 14.7V DC
  • Compatible battery: V-Lock battery
  • Illumination(LM): 5535.1m
  • Illumination(LUM): 1m-8850lux; 2m-2600lux; 3m-1280lux; 4m-650lux; 5m-450lux
  • Power output control: Stepless adjustment from 5% to 100%
  • Color temperature variation: 5400k/3200k(with 2 filters)
  • Net Weight: about 1870g
Model Name CV600
Serial Number 914M0345
LUX 4752.225586
fc 441.656647
CCT 5535
Duv -0.000475
I-Time 35
X 4642.899414
Y 4752.225586
Z 4606.273438
x 0.331603
y 0.339411
u' 0.206937
v' 0.476572
LambdaP 453
LambdaPValue 129.689529
CRI 96.414009
R1 97.436882
R2 98.7556
R3 97.003937
R4 96.498657
R5 95.879959
R6 93.604576
R7 96.722435
R8 95.410027
R9 90.17894
R10 95.474533
R11 96.614555
R12 74.310616
R13 98.721878
R14 98.378242
R15 96.803474
TLCI 96.912582
TLMF-D55 77.311325
SSI-D55 72.659973
Rf 90.999634
Rg 99.545692
IRR 17.343983

1 x 900SC LED Panel
1 x Power Supply
1 x Carry bag