Lightpro Digi Green Screen Velvet for Chroma Key (Per Meter)


Please Note: This material does not come with a cardboard core, if ordering less the 4m of velvet it is recommended to purchase a LightPro Expan Aluminium Tube 3.25m to help support and protect from fatal damage during transport and during shipping from Dragon Image to you. 


Very high quality non-woven mono-tone background with one-side flocking. (3 metre wide standard x 1 linear metre = $32.33/linear metre)

Regular price $33.00

***Please be aware that due to the large length of this item, an additional shipping surcharge may be added to the order after checkout. Dragon Image Staff will contact you for payment.

Weight: approx 530g per meter
Width: 3 metres
Length: Cut to suit your sizing needs, 1 metre up to 50 metres

Very high-quality non-woven mono-tone background with one-side flocking. This Velvet is versatile enough to fulfil a range of photographic and filmmaking needs.

This background is perfect for Chromakey style photography and video by absorbing light to give a deep rich Chroma Key Green Screen Velvet Background. We tend to sell a lot for high-end broadcast productions and TV stations all around Australia, all the way down to the average small home studio.

Creating a green screen with composite images and videos starts by capturing a subject in front of an evenly lit, bright, pure green background. The composting process replaces all the green in the picture with another image, known as the background plate. To ensure that the keying process is accurate, the background and the subject both need to be lit well, and we do have LED and Flouro Lighting kits that will help get the look you are after.

With very little care of light placement - this velvet material is extremely easy to light up - the fibres in the velvet help shift light along the surface, giving you a nice clean chroma key with very little post-production needed to do your cutouts.

Velvet Green Screen Material: 1m x however long you want. We cut it by the metre, so if you want 3m x 6m, your quantity will be 6.