LightPro 35 x 140 Strip Softbox


The LightPro 35 x 140 Strip Softbox is a long, narrow softbox WITH GRID ( $50 optional ), it produces a flattering, soft-shadowed light equally suited to products and people. Suggested Use: Ideal for an edge light, or hairlight for groups

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This Strip Softbox from LightPro is a narrow and long softbox with dimensions of 35cm x 140cm. It has the ability to attach a reflector halogen or flash which will allow it to produce soft light, ideal for illumination from above of groups of people (hairlight). It is also very useful for chroma live light contours, product photography and advertising. It is made from a thermo resistant material so you can use and reflectors to 1000W power besides smaller reflectors or flashes. It comes standard S type bayonet.
1x LightPro 35 x 140 Strip Softbox
(Softbox Contains S-type "Bowens" mount)