LightPro 3 Head V-Lock Battery Expansion Kit with dual charger


Upgrade your existing LED Lights to a portable lighting solution with this V-Lock Expanision Kit, Includes 3x 95wh V-Lock Batteries & 1x Dual V-Lock Charger

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The LightPro 95wH V-lock battery is by far one of our most popular li ion v mount batteries. The battery is under the 100Wh, which means that it is safe to fly with, so if you want to make your LED panel or camera more portable, this is a great addition to any kit. 
The battery features a D-tap connection on the side which has an output of 14.8V so that you can power external units. Please be aware that if you want to power a light, it will need to be able to run 15V at least.

Whilst working on lights, the V-Mount 95WH Li ion battery is designed to be used for professional cameras as well.
No memory effect - in the past if you recharged a battery when it hadn't been fully drained, you would lose the amount of future charge. This no memory effect feature means that this is no longer the case.

There is a 4 level LED power indicator on the side of the battery unit which allows you to check the power left in the battery.
And finally, if you want a USB output to charge and power a USB LED light like that of the RECTA and QUADRA series, or if you just want to charge your phone, the LightPro battery range will give you this ability too.

Included in this kit of 3 batteries is a LightPro Dual V-lock charger - This charger is designed to recharge two V-Mount type Li-ion batteries. The camera can be powered directly via DC Output connector. Offers a built-in regulated 70 watts 14.8 VDC output power supply via a 4-Pin XLR connector, eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

3x LightPro 95wh V-Lock Batteries
1x LightPro Dual V-Lock Charger