LightPro 200cm octagonal softbox


The LightPro 200cm octagonal softbox is a soft edge-to-edge light that provides natural round catch lights in eyes for beautiful portraits.

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The LightPro 200cm octagonal softbox is a soft edge-to-edge light that provides natural round catch lights in eyes for beautiful portraits.

This LIGHTPRO 200cm Diameter Octa Softbox is designed for use with Flashpro and RIME/ACE and other brands of strobes. It has a an eight-sided, octagon shaped profile and a silver interior. This Octa Bank gives you the option of removing the interior baffle for slightly more output or more falloff on the edges, and the option of using the softbox without a front face at all, making it act as a giant silver reflector.


• eliminates hotspots and illuminates your subject evenly top to bottom. Its narrow profile gives you more versatility in small rooms. This softbox has a silver interior, and removable front diffuser and interior baffle.

• Comes with Interior Baffle, or taking out the interior baffle will result in more contrast, slightly more light transmission, and less softening of the light.

• Recessed face makes the soft source more directional, and enables addition of a honeycomb grid, soft fabric grid or louvers.

• Use the softbox without the face or baffle for a broad, high-contrast light.

• Use both the face and the baffle for the softest, most diffused light.

• It spreads soft even light, simulating a large window for full length shots.

• Use the 2meter Octa for nice soft full length portrait work or still life applications with large objects.


Recessed Front

Provides a narower spread of light and limits spill light on the set or into your lens

Quality Inside and Out

Interior silver coating is optimized to provide maximum reflection

Exterior fabric is a thick canvas like material that does not wrinkle


The Octodome Softbox comes in three sizes – I like the Large 2 meter version because you can use it as singular light source to illuminate portraits, full-length fashion, and inanimate scenes that require soft yet directional lighting with natural round specular hightlights. The Octodome also requires less depth than comparable square or rectangular softboxes. 


This octodome can stand alone in the studio and needs no other help from any other light source. 


All LightPro Softboxes are made from high quality colour corrected material and are supplied with the new easy set up speedrings



The LightPro range of soft boxes has been developed to offer photographers the very highest-quality light source at a very modest cost. Their silver interior and shallow construction offer a high degree of efficiency while a translucent diffuser ensures even light distribution.


Can be used with most popular flash systems.


"S" Ring Included as standard

The adapter ring has a unique design that tilts out as the box is assembled. When the fourth wand is inserted into the adapter ring, the whole adapter swings into the assembly and locks into place -- no more struggling with a difficult fourth wand. Rings are available separately for many manufacturers&#39 lights..

( We carry a range of alternative speedrings to your lights, please specify your mount in notes if you require a different speedring inc Profoto Speedring, Multiblitz Speedring, Broncolor Speedring, Hensel Speedring, Elinchrom Speedring, BOWENS / S-Type Speedring, Universal Adapter. )


Suggested Use

Use this size for a full-length portraits, or a portrait of 6 - 7 or more people!


1x LightPro 200cm octagonal softbox
1x S-Type Speedring (for Bowens mount)