LightPro 2 Head Ultrasoft LED Round Kit (600C and 780C)

The UltraSoft Rang of LED lighting is perfect for people who are after a strong, high quality of light without the harshness that normal LED panels give off and with the design of the UltraSoft light there is no chance of multiple shadows as the light acts as if it were one solid light source
Regular price $2,383.94

The LightPro UltraSoft Round DF-780 and the 600C together create the panels in this 2 head kit. It is a modern LED solution, which provides extremely soft light. The individual LEDs are not visible, but instead, one soft light is being produced. The wattage of LightPro UltraSoft Round DF-780 is 108 watts. The light is produced at a 65-degree angle, with a CRI value of 95 providing natural colours. The brightness of the light is adjustable with the built-in touchscreen. It is also possible to adjust the colour temperature, from 3000K to 5600K. You can power the LightPro UltraSoft Round LEDs with the supplied power adapter or optional v-mount battery.

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