LightPro 2 Head Flex LED Kit with Background


The LightPro 2 Head LED Lighting Kit with Background Screen is a great option for anyone shooting intervies and corporate work.

It includes:
2x LightPro 288 Flex LED Panels,
2x 2m Stands,
1x Large Background Support Kit
1 x Arctic White background paper 11m x 2.72m

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The LightPro 288 Flex LED - Bi Colour Flexible LED Panel Kit comprises two flexible LED panels that are each equipped with 288 bi-colour LEDs with excellent CRI of over 95. The flexible panels have a size of 30 x 60 centimetres and by means of Velcro very easy to attach to a frame in order to obtain a square LED panel of 60 x 60 centimetres. It is of course also possible to connect the panels to each other so that there is an elongated panel of 30 x 120 centimetres.

The background support system is a necessity if you wish to start shooting studio quality photos. However, it's a really simple system to set up and use, and coupled with background material, makes taking professionals looking photos a breeze.

2 x 3.1m 3-section spring loaded stands

1 x 3.6m 4-section cross bar

1 x Carry Case included for storage and travel The Background Support System uses two spring loaded 3.1m stands.

These stands may double as light stands if you purchase a spigot. It also uses a four-section cross bar that can extend to 365cm using all four sections or 270cm using only three or 180cm using only two bars. This system also allows for mounting a second crossbar and background.

2 x LightPro 288 Flex LED Panels
2 x 2m Stands
1 x Large Background Support Kit
1 x Arctic White background paper 11m x 2.72m