LightPro 192wh Li-ion V-Lock / VLock Buddy Battery V2.0


- Splitable battery which is perfect for travel as each section is 96wH (under that 100wh limit some flights have)
- Lightweight and slick design at 1.3kgs and a size of: 17cm x 10cm x 5.7cm. 
- Capacity LED display to show how much charge is left. 
- D-Tap Output (14.8V) 
- USB on unit so that you can power other devices, even charge your phone. 

Regular price $650.00

The V-Mount 192WH Li ion buddy battery system is a perfect solution if you want a battery with a high capacity but you also need to travel. The buddy system splits apart into 2 x 96wh (closer to 98wh's each), this means they are flight safe. There is an LED indicator on the side to show you how much battery life is left in the unit. A D-Tap power connector (Maximum Input Voltage (form a battery) : 14.8V Output allows you to power lights etc. please note the power output so not to damage lights you have already. 

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1 x 190wh Buddy battery 2.0
*Charger not included
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