Lastolite Kit Background Support H Duty supports heavier vinyl & paper

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  • Heavy-duty support for paper and vinyl roll-up backgrounds. This Lastolite Kit BG Support H Duty supports heavier vinyl & paper support features metal collars. A studio background support with a telescopic cross pole and stands giving a maximum height of 3.12m and width of 2.96m. The cross pole is the same as the 1108 set- but it has stronger stands- with a maximum height of 3.52m and a width of 2.96m.

    Suitable for full-width cloth backgrounds and paper rolls. The Lastolite 1160 stands can be used separately as lighting supports- the kit includes a waterproof carrying case.

    Suitable for school photography or similar work with a high tempo that requires stability and user-friendly gear.

    Key Features of the Lastolite Kit BG Support H Duty supports heavier vinyl & paper

    • Suitable for heavy curtain backgrounds or full roll paper.
    • Complete with carrying case.
    • Supports heavier vinyl backgrounds when used with a crossbar
    • Essential for supporting lighting products
    • Strong and reliable
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