Lanparte Quick Release Plate (QRP-02)


Lanparte Additional Quick Release Plate for VMP-01 Baseplate

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This quick release plate matches the one fitted to Lanparte’s VMP-01 height riser baseplate. The idea is that you can mount one of these onto your tripod so that you can quickly remove the camera from your rig and switch to a simple tripod setup. Alternatively you could use the top quick release plate alone without the lower part, in order to use multiple cameras on your rig, quickly switching without unscrewing the QR plates from the cameras. You can mount this plate with either a ¼”or 3/8” thread (found on most tripods). If you want a more permanent fixture, or perhaps for a DIY project, you can also use 4 countersunk screws or bolts to mount this to anything with holes in.

  • Lanparte Quick Release Plate
  • Lanparte1 Year Limited Warranty
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