lanparte FW-50P dummy battery pack for A7s


01 FW-50P 
02 For sony A7 NEX-5 5R 5T 5TL a5100 a5000 a6000
03 Plug it into camera
04 Another end connect to DC plug(input 7.4V-8.4V)

Regular price $78.00

Lanparte produces a new dummy battery pack for Sony latest A7 or A7s camera, FW-50P. It's very easy to use, just plug it into battery door then connect another end to DC plug(7.4V-8.4V) With this cameraman can use their A7 for all day. Of course you can use it to take extremely long time-lapse, i mean really long time. Beside the SONY A7, cameraman can also use it to power any sony camera which uses FW-50 battery, such as NEX-5 5R 5T 5TL a5100 a5000 a6000.

  • Lanparte Battery Dummy Pack for Sony A7 and A7S II Cameras
  • DC Red Cable (DC-R)
  • Lanparte Warranty
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