Kupo CL-20MK 20" Silver C-Stand kit with sliding leg & quick release, including grip and 20" arm

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The Kupo CL-20MK 20" Silver C-Stand with sliding leg & quick release, including grip and 20" arm is a steel lighting support with 2 risers and 3 sections that extends to a maximum height of 190 cm.

Also included in the kit is one Grip Arm and one 2.5" Grip Head, either black or silver as determined by the kit ordered.

The KPKCP221B 20" Extension Grip Arm with Baby Hex Pin features the arm terminated with a hex baby pin which is suitable for mounting a lighting fixture or anything with baby receiver.

The KPKCP200B 2-1/2" Grip Head With Big Handle has four(4) "V"-shaped jaws, an ergonomic oversized "T"-shaped handle with dedicated roller bearings for maximum torque, and a non-slip aluminum friction disc. This durable grip head is constructed of aluminum and steel with a chrome plated finish.

Century Stands or "C" Stands, are the most common type of grip equipment used by the filmmaking industry due to their strength and versatility. The Kupo CL-20M 20" Silver C-stand can be used to mount your lighting equipment in conjunction with a whole variety of light shaping tools and accessories.  This Kupo CL master C-stand features a mechanical design that allows you to utilise a quick release set-up and also allows you to slide the top leg when on uneven surfaces, making this one versatile and convenient C-Stand for on location or in-studio. 

Specifications (C-Stand)
Risers:  2
Sections:  3
Fixed Stand Adapter:  5/8 in (16 mm)
Closed Length:  91cm
Maximum Height:  190cm
Footprint Diameter:  95cm
Weight:  5.5 kg
Maximum Load:  10 kg

Chrome plated steel for silver unit.<!---->

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