Kupo 163MBC Steadicam Stand with Caster wheels

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The Kupo 163MBC Steadicam stand is primarily designed to rest the heavier payloads like Steadicam rigs and stabilizers system between takes. 

The large 20cm caster wheels with premium pneumatic tyres make this stand ideal for use on uneven ground as well as in the studio. The central pole of the Kupo 163MB can be removed from the base and used as a “Moses pole”. This allows the Steadicam operator to take a breath whilst the large docking stand is not able to be carried. The Kupo 163MBC is a must-have tool for every Steadicam operator, camera assistant and dolly grip

With the large 20cm pneumatic tyres and a 36kg payload the Kupo 163MBC is also suitable for moving lighting fixtures around outside. The central tube can support a slider system while rigged on a dolly.

The 3 caster wheels are easily mountable and removable for static use, Simply slide the castors onto the stand and tighten each knob.

The folded stand can also stand upright on its own to save space.

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