Jupio Nikon/Fuji/Olympus Brand 3.7V - 4.2V USB Charging Kit

The Jupio Nikon/Fuji/Olympus Brand 3.6V - 4.2V USB Charging Kit features 1 charger per camera brand that charges almost every battery.
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The Jupio Nikon/Fuji/Olympus Brand 3.6V - 4.2V USB Charging Kit is part of a successful line-up renewed!

One of Jupio's most popular battery charger line-up is the Jupio Brand Charger. In over 13 years, this concept proved itself over and over again. The idea: make 1 charger per camera brand that charges almost every battery.

After all these years Jupio has now launched a second generation: the USB Brand Charger line-up!

These chargers are powered by USB, resulting in a charging solution that can be used globally. Per brand there are 2 models, 1 for 3.6 - 4.2V batteries (mostly for compact cameras) and 1 for 7.2V - 8.4V batteries (DSLR cameras and camcorders).

Included in the package are several exchangeable charger plates per model of battery. The LCD-display with backlight shows you exactly what the charge status is.

The new models are a step ahead of the old models in charging speed as well, with a charging current of 700mA compared to 450mA for the first models.

The premium quality of these Jupio products is supported by a 3 year warranty.

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